After the last signals faded over to the dark side of the moon, the unbearable news of their lost space-craft trickled down to earth, breaking many a teenage heart. You or your uncles might remember the failed, joint NASA-ISRO rescue missions, and those desperate prayers offered at Tirupathi.

Armed with some old video MACHINES and VCR tapes rescued from obscurity THE MANJUNAUTS, presumably lost, given up on, have resurfaced. They have recast themselves as an orchestra, when the time comes they will return to their roots as space explorers, but for now they are here to FUNK US OUT.

The Manjunaut Trio, like the Jackson Five, the Gundeja Brothers or the Corleone Family are a tight unit. Video Machines, Harmoniums, toy piano's and customized software are played and tinkered with - recreating those trips to the asteroid belt that your grandfather always talked about.

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