V.J. Manjunaut {a.k.a Munjula}

Video machines in black, white and colourful dreams is Miss. V.J. Manjunaut's madness. Supposed lost near Xvidiea, 20000000000 million miles north of the moon, this video-obsessed creature plays her loops in an attempt to show you what goes on in her head.

Harmonium Manju

Apart from the harmonium, Harmonium Manju fiddles with electronic pianos, toys and ukuleles to express the workings of his troubled mind. In the evenings he occasionally sniggers as the sounds in his head grow louder and louder until ever you can hear them.

D.J. Manjunaut

Some may say that D.J. Manjunaut is very mysterious, but then that is true only. His trippy beats are what keeps him tripping. But sometimes his tail also keeps tripping him…


Zacks (video)
Dina Boswank (video)
Priya Purushotam (vocals)
Bharat (percussion)

Photos & Videos by Mithun Jayaram & Saurabh

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